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It takes pride in being an all-green company and offers organic carpet cleaning San Jose CA. We’re a proven, reliable carpet cleaner and specialize in delivering high-quality service and performing a thorough job. We use the latest equipment, clean with organic products and understand the importance of bringing carpet cleaning San Jose. Although you have different options for professional carpet cleaners, you’ve landed on our page, and we’re positive we can do the job better than anyone. This isn’t your average San Jose carpet cleaning. This is green carpet cleaning San Jose CA.


Advantages Of Green San Jose CA Carpet Cleaners

Over-the-counter products and consumer-grade cleaners don’t offer the type of power that’s required for thoroughly cleaning your carpets. Having your carpet cleaned by our carpet cleaning service San Jose CA ensures every carpet fiber looks as good as new. In addition, we only use organic products, so there’s no risk to children and pets. Stained and soiled carpets degrade quickly, but we can restore the look of your carpet and extend its lifespan for many years.

Forget About DIY Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet yourself sounds easy enough, but those stains and deep-seated debris are harder to get out than you think. When you hire us, you get a deep cleaning to remove the debris that your vacuum leaves behind. Our equipment provides the suction power to remove stubborn dirt and dust and restore your carpets to 99 percent of their original condition. You can’t get that from a carpet spray at the store. Our experienced technicians save you time and money, and you get better results without having to lift a finger.

Our Professional Cleaning

From shag and berber to plush and textured, carpet types vary and require different cleaning methods. No matter what carpet type you have, we come up with the ideal plan for making your carpets look brand new. We deliver exceptional results in a short time and won’t leave until we’ve made you completely happy with our service. When you expect the quality of carpet cleaning San Jose residents choose us as their go-to solution.

The Process Of Our Carpet Cleaning Service Includes:

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning involves hot water, organic cleaning products and heavy-duty machines with massaging brushes. The brushes knead the cleaning solution deep into the carpet and loosen dirt and other particles. Afterward, we use our maximum-suction tools to remove the solution from the carpet. The result is a beautiful, clean carpet that looks as good as a new installation.

Antimicrobial Cleaning

Your carpet contains trapped pollutants, bacteria and other particles that affect you and your family. Pets leave behind dander and microscopic particles in the carpet, and you track in water from the outside, which sinks into the carpet fibers and promotes mold and mildew growth. Whether you need carpet cleaning Upper West Side San Jose CA or downtown, we remove the allergens and bacteria that you just can’t see.

Deep Cleaning

Regular spot cleaning doesn’t help protect your carpet’s appearance. Depending on the type of carpet you have, your carpet will appear darker and lose its softness over time. Deep cleaning breaks through that darker shade of stuck-on dirt and lifts it out of the fibers. Our powerful machines then suck up the filthy layer and restore your carpet’s original color.


Our high-quality shampoo includes a solution that removes more than just dirt and dust; it also removes dust mite infestations. A quality steam cleaning with our organic shampoo solution picks up dust mite feces and body fragments that aggravate allergies in many San Jose residents.

 What Makes Us Different?

We don’t spread ourselves too thin. We work locally, offer competitive prices and deliver the highest level of service. Not only do we use the most advanced equipment, but we also believe in using organic products that clean your carpets without bringing harm to your family and pets.

What To Expect From Us

With our green carpet cleaning San Jose services, you can expect everything from timely arrival to the high-quality results you see with many carpet cleaning San Jose services. Our process goes something like this:

We Analyze

Our experienced technicians don’t start the job without first analyzing your carpet. From heavily trafficked areas to spots and stains, they examine every square inch of your floor and determine the best course of action to take.

We Clean

Our techs come prepared with all equipment and get to work immediately after the analysis. They assemble their tools, gather the right cleaning products and have the job finished in a timely manner.

We Follow Up

If necessary, our techs will give you special instructions for caring for your newly cleaned carpet. We also follow up with you a few days later and make sure you’re happy with the results. If not, we take every step possible to make you happy.

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